CONSTRUCTOR is a Content Management platform (CMS) that is a wired and mobile web first, print second publishing platform. Besides the ability to manage text, images, and video related to news content, the CONSTRUCTOR platform allows you to easily change the look and feel of all or part of your website easily as dragging items and picking colors, whereas other CMS’s tend to require knowledge of HTML coding or a standalone template language.

With the CONSTRUCTOR CMS platform, there are quite a number of modules that utilize the same drag and drop technology – everything from News, to a Dining Guide, to Ask The Expert, to COMMunity, to an ADvantage Banner Ad Management, as well one of the first out Stepped Freemium Paywall solutions. All of this can be viewed by your customers across a series of wired web (desktops and laptops), and mobile web devices, from tablets to the three major mobile platforms of Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows Phone.

Also, all of the content put into the CONSTRUCTOR platform can be scheduled for publishing per media type – for print, wired Web and mobile web. Fast, quick, highly reliable and scalable, as well as very secure, CONSTRUCTOR and all of its modules, are built to scale to whatever size multimedia company you want to present to your audience.

NEWS Module

Our NEWS module includes features like morning and breaking news email push, full PDF support for the daily paper and coupons, most popular articles, advanced keyword search, archiving, and dynamic news sections, all with integration with drag and drop widgets offering a full multimedia and interactive environment.

Because we use a web framework rather than a CMS, we are able to provide seamless integration with third parties, such as AP, AccuWeather, Legacy, and Newspapers in Education.


Visitors to the Dining Guide can access restaurant listings either through the “instant data” search engine, or by selecting from one of the listings visible on the main page.

Each restaurant listing contains a list of attributes, including street address, phone number, hours of operation, price range of food, type of cuisine and setting, and payment options.

Restaurants that become a “premium content” client can display additional information such as menus, specials and happy hours and photos of the restaurant and food. The dining guide allows restaurant owners to update their profile and upload menu PDFs, photos and videos through a self-service log in. It also has the ability to have upsells for restaurants interested in a featured location on the page, as well as a bold listing in the search results.

All of the listings also come with a location map and driving directions to the restaurant, and a rating system which allows the user to rate the restaurant’s food, service and atmosphere.


Website users submit “how-to” questions, based on available subject categories, such as real estate, finances, home improvement, medical, and law. Industry “experts” provide answers to the questions.

Users submit the question through a form on the website that sends an e-mail to the expert.

The media company solicits local business owners to serve as experts. The expert pays the media company a monthly fee for the right to be an expert, and to have his or her profile displayed.

COMMunity Module

The COMMunity module allows for full-featured blogging with media uploads, commenting, image galleries and event calendars. It also allows private messages to be sent between users and event notification triggers when a new comment is posted on that user’s blog.


Our CONSTRUCTOR platform is specifically tailored to integrate with ADvantage. This feature-rich advertisement management product allows advertisement campaigns and many options out of the gate.

Working with your advertisers, you can help them choose from ad campaigns in a host of different formats that best fit their needs – from Flash, to HTML, or/and image banners. We can also support different types of banners, including sliding billboards and “peel-away” advertisements.


The online marketplace module allows you to extend your classifieds to both wired and mobile web platforms. With automated replication of the classifieds appearing in print as well as web only classifieds based on how your customers want their ads to be displayed, your customers will have a robust way sell their goods.

Media companies and their customers can book images and web upsells through a quick, one-page online ad-taking form. That one page process also includes a VERY easy to use web interface for taking payments!

We also provide a complete end to end Advertising / Classifieds SaaS based hosted model that allows you to really grow your revenue, focus on your core competencies while the system is secured in our Cloud infrastructure!


Garnering revenue for your digital products and platforms are made simple with our single sign-on system that will put all, or portions of your news content, behind a paywall.

With the Stepped Freemium Paywall, the media company also has the ability to offer free article views over a specific time range before a customer is prompted for registration or payment with multiple billing rate options set by the administrator.