Morris Technology develops innovative products to drive online traffic and revenue for our customers in a host of verticals.

Our products range from the CONSTRUCTOR Platform, which has the ability to manage text, images, and video related to news and advertising content, to our SaaS based Advertising Classified solution which is a complete arrive and drive managed cloud infrastructure through a partnership with Fake Brains.


The CONSTRUCTOR Platform is a rather revolutionary solution that allows you to manage both your print based media content from content creation to an InDesign export, as well as the platform having all the functionality to manage your complete online presence for both wired and mobile WEB.

With revenue focused modules – everything from News to Dining Guides to Ask the Expert, to COMMunity, to Banner Ad management, to Classified presentment, to an ability for monetizing your more valued content behind a paywall – the CONSTRUCTOR Platform is built to start growing both your audience and your revenue.

Please either contact us or go to the Products > CONSTRUCTOR page for more detailed information about the revenue building modules.

Account Scout Advertising

For those needing a robust Account Scout Advertising/Classified solution that won’t break the bank but will give you an ability to grow revenue, our hosted SaaS model delivers, and in a big way.

The Account Scout Advertising/Classifieds hosted SaaS solution is built on a foundation that can best service media companies which are moving, or have moved to being multimedia.

With capability to manage your print and online ad presence, including your customers’ ROP ads, end users’ classified needs for print, as well as wired and mobile WEB, Account Scout Advertising/Classifieds hosted SaaS solution is an end to end product. The Account Scout Advertising/Classifieds handles all the needed backend functions for you to grow your customers and business – from accounts receivable, GL, scheduling of display and classified ads, manages customer contracts, pricing, prints customer and co-op invoices as needed including eTearsheets, and tracks sales commissions to assist with payroll.

Please either contact us for a demo or go to the Products > Advertising/Classified page for more detailed information about the revenue building modules.

Morris Technology helps our customers monetize digital solutions by integrating their chosen 3rd Party applications into our products and services.

This includes everything from implementing 3rd party payment processing applications, to modules that are embedded into the code of pages on a wired or mobile WEBsite, to being able to create your own flat pages in the CONSTRUCTOR Web Platform.

Go to the 3rd Party Hosted Applications page to see more in-depth information, or call/eMail us to hear and see more on the offerings.

mTech U

As part of our end to end suite of offerings, Morris Technology has spent the time and money to give our customers the greatest experience during implementation for all of the SaaS based Cloud products offered, and as well after the applications are running in their day to day operations.

We decided that our customers must have access to the best and latest information regarding the software, the latest industry wide best practices, and have all the training materials accessible online, from anywhere on the planet via a secure connection, and available to you literally 24/7, 365 days of the year.

mTech-U is the most robust online Learning Management System (LMS) that is built for both small multimedia companies, and can handle large enterprise customers as well.

Please either contact us for a demo or go to the Products > mTech-U page for more detailed information about this opportunity to keep your existing and future employees trained on the latest and greatest solutions and best practices.